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Prothex is a clinical-stage pharma company

Working to help patients receiving radiation therapy

We hope that we can improve patient experiences with cancer treatment and improve outcomes at the same time.

For decades, radiation therapy has been widely and effectively used in the treatment of many cancers. Unfortunately, the very aspect that makes radiation therapy so effective against cancer also has tremendous potential to damage the healthy, normal tissues near the cancerous tumors. The side effects of radiation therapy can cause agony for patients, and often limit the radiation dosage that doctors can deliver to patients.

Although RRx-001 has not been approved to date for any indication, we believe that it has the potential to limit the ravages of radiation on normal tissues, and potentially provide benefit to patients during and after radiation therapy for their cancer.

Our team of seasoned pharmaceutical developers is currently exploring that potential in clinical trials and readying RRx-001 for review by global health authorities prior to commercialization.

Prothex is open to new partnerships that help us fulfill our mission.

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A novel compound being developed by Prothex, currently in a Phase 2a trial

This small molecule is believed to work via the induction of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, leading to mild oxidative stress in tissues. Among other effects, this leads to induction of Nrf2 (nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2) protein expression in healthy tissues, which in turn upregulates a number of cytoprotective proteins.

RRx-001 is currently undergoing trials to examine its radioprotective effects in patients with squamous cell cancer of the head and neck (SCCHN) who are receiving chemoradiation, and thus frequently suffer from radiation-induced severe oral mucositis (SOM) (NCT03515538).

RRx-001 may also serve as a radioprotectant in other oncology settings. Future studies will explore the drug’s effect on mucositis, proctitis, and dermatitis, which are debilitating side effects suffered by patients with rectal, anal, lung, and breast cancers, among others.

Prothex is focused on the study of the putative radioprotective effects of RRx-001, while our partner company, EpicentRx, Inc. is developing the compound for tumor treatment.

Management Team

The Prothex team consists of experienced drug development professionals who are motivated to identify and prove the value of new therapies for cancer patients. In the laboratory and in the clinic, we’ve dedicated all of our energies to move medicine forward and improve lives.

Donna L. Tempel

President, Chief Executive Officer

James A. Bianco

Chief Development Officer

Robert M. Schinagl

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher S. Del Mastro

VP Finance and Administration

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